Dead Or Alive 2: Final
Developer: Team Ninja
Published by:  2001 г.
Genre: Fighting
Language: English

Limited Edition based modification of a cool fighting game for Sega Dreamcast. Dead Or Alive 2: Final Includes a ton of changes, such as new character costumes, enhanced dialogue, an expanded story mode for Baz, and new background music. The author of this mod is the Green Ranger, for which many thanks to him.

My edits: Repackaged the image, but based on the original Japanese version. Replaced ip.b file. Game is successfully launched on emulators Redreame, Flycast, RetroArch и OS Batocera.

Attention! 440 mb image for Sega Dreamcast in .cdi format. You can download it in a .zip archive — 296 mb.

The game download is available here: